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Sedona's Bike-friendly Facts

Population: around 10,000
Elevation: 4500 ft
Founded: 1902
4 million visitors per year
Designated as a "Bicycle-friendly city" with a Bronze-star rating by the League of American Bicyclists
Paved bike lane on State Rd 179 offers access to some of the trails leading to Red Rock and vortex destinations
Some easy trails. Some "intermediate" rated trails can be challenging compared to other regions in the U.S. Discuss your ability and options with one of the four local bike shops. Trails are open year-round.

Historical Facts
Napa Valley skyline
Home of four of the earth's most pronounced vortexes. A vortex is a funnel-shaped energy field that emits energy into the atmosphere. This energy is said to heal and revitalize those who go near it.
Millions of years ago, Red Rock country was covered by the sea. When it began to recede, erosion and natural wind forces crafted the Red Rock protrusions now part of the Coconino National Forest, one of six National Forests in Arizona.
The first "Native American" inhabitants lived in Sedona sometime between 7,000 and 8,000 B.C. . For thousands of years, the area provided cave shelters for many ancient tribes that roamed while hunting in the region. Spanish explorers congregated here in the 1800's in search of silver and gold.

Points of Interest

A combination bike and coffee shop, Bike & Bean provides bicycle repair services and clothing, as well as energizing coffee beverages. Mountain bike rentals are available all day, without a reservation. The variety of women's biking apparel and accessories sold in the shop extend riding accessibility to female cyclists. For extended vacations, explore the convenience of the Bike & Bean Resort behind the shop.
75 Bell Rock Plaza; Sedona, AZ 86351  (928)284-0210
Almost 4 miles long, the Bell Rock Pathway connects the village of Old Creek to Sedona. This multi-use pathway is the easiest trail in the region, with mostly flat terrain. It connects with the Courthouse Loop, a 5-mile path that circles Courthouse Rock, and extends north to Sedona's city limits, eventually connecting to the Mystic Trail. Bell Rock is considered the most formidable vortex in Red Rock country with its energy spiraling upward into the earth's atmosphere.
Perfect for new mountain bikers and riders with children, this 2-mile loop with its 200-foot ascent requires little technique. The Mystic Trail is a multi-use pathway, so look out for hikers.
Nestled alongside the trickling Oak Creek against a landscape of Red Rocks in Sedona's Uptown section, this resort offers the only salt water pool in the region. Free yoga classes are offered every morning as a way to stretch out and find inner balance with the nearby vortexes.
100 Amara Lane; Sedona, AZ 86336  (928) 282-4828
Black Cow Café
Located in quaint Downtown Sedona, and just minutes away from the Amara Resort, this café serves homemade ice cream and waffle cones, and fresh fruit smoothies, among other lunch items. Enjoy a tasty treat while out of the heat.
229 N State Route 89A; Sedona, AZ ‎ (928) 203-9868
Harbored within the Tlaquepaque shopping center, René's restaurant offers a casual fine dining atmosphere with French flare. Enjoy anything from Duck Crepes or Basil Crusted Salmon Salad to Carpaccia of Antelope or Colorado Rack of Lamb. Ira David suggests the Bananas Foster. Call ahead to reserve your seat. 
336 Hwy 179; Sedona, AZ 86336  (928) 282-9225

Open everyday, this chapel, modeled after the iconic style of Frank Lloyd Wright, and designed by one of his students, sits on a twin-pinnacled spur about 250 feet atop the red rocks. Spectacular vistas of sky, buttes, and vortex rocks beckon you to capture a picture...or maybe even hundreds.
780 Chapel Rd; Sedona, AZ 86336  (888) 242-7359