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Cycling Charity Events

Pedal America aims to make a difference. To have your charitable event posted on our site, go to our charitable cycling events page to make an informal request.

Safe Routes To School

Pedal America supports Safe Routes To School. Click here to learn if you live in a Safe Routes neighborhood. Let us know at so we can list you on the website and maybe give your neighborhood an on-air shout-out.

Pedal America Jersey

pedal america voler jacket
 Purchase your own Pedal America-Voler cycling jersey made right here in the U.S.A. Ride with pride! 

Pedal America donates a percentage of its net proceeds to the League of American Bicyclists. The nonprofit organization works to ensure that federal budgets include dedicated funds for bicycle pathways. So get your jersey and then " Get out there and Pedal America!"
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Sponsor Pedal America on Public Television
Pedal America offers a comprehensive sponsorship  leverage package that includes digital, social media, events, and broadcast sponsor message. 



What is Underwriting? 

Why Do Organizations Underwrite Or Sponsor Public Television Programs? 

Greater Impact — Credible and Memorable

Greater Value — Build Relationships 

Guidelines For On-Air Sponsor Messages

Sponsor messages may:

Sponsor messages may not: 

Typical PBS Audience Demographics

Financial Characteristics

A strong majority of PBS viewers: 

As part of the leverage package, the corporate partner will receive a:

  • 5, 10, 15, or 30-second sponsorship message (based upon sponsorship level) at the top and bottom of each Pedal America episode. The message remains with the show its entire broadcast life in the United States territory, including all re-broadcasts and episodes sold on DVD.
  • Category exclusivity at any sponsorship level across multimedia platforms.
  • Access to demographic data and survey results from membership area of Pedal America’s website.
  • On-line signage with animated sponsorship banner that links to sponsor’s website for duration of the agreement.
  • Opportunity to furnish prize product/service in response to on-line contests and drawings from members-area of Pedal America’s website.
  • Access to Pedal America’s website blog/discussion forums.
  • Use of images/photography.
  • Host Ira David appearances at brand-sponsored events.
  • Other promotional opportunities.
  • Request proposal deck for complete leverage opportunities.

Underwriting Pedal America helps a corporation to connect with millions of viewers including upscale consumers, community leaders and business decision-makers. In fact, PBS viewers are more likely to use products and services associated with PBS and their affiliates.

What is Underwriting?
In public television, advertising is called underwriting. These funds come from corporations, business communities, government agencies, unions, associations, and foundations. In return for this support, the sponsor message or “thank you” credit is built into the program and must be aired each time the show is broadcast.

Why Do Organizations Underwrite Or Sponsor Public Television Programs?

Public television builds brand identification and strengthens brand image. Sponsors benefit from the "halo effect" of being associated with PBS and its mission to make a meaningful contribution to our community. In 2008, PBS was ranked #1 in Public Trust.* Your support will help make possible the continuation of a tradition of quality, noncommercial television.

*Source: GfK/Roper Public Affairs & Media; a division of GfK Custom Research North America

Greater Impact — Credible and Memorable

Your sponsorship message will have greater impact in the low-clutter environment found only on public television. Also, prohibition against "hard sell" spots, and trustworthiness of PBS combine to make underwriting messages extremely credible and memorable. PBS's dignified approach to on-air support is appreciated and respected by its viewers.

Greater Value — Build Relationships
Pedal America's unique concept helps to advance the images of many brands that want to project their interests in preserving the environment, decreasing dependency on fossil fuels, promoting healthier lifestyles, and cultivating new relationships with consumers. It is especially pertinent for health and auto insurance companies that offer or aim to develop “Share The Road” and other safe driving programs. Proposal packages with airlines can also include showing Pedal America episodes as part of their in-flight entertainment. Opportunities to build a partnership will vary depending on the nature of your industry and sponsorship level.

For details on underwriting, please contact:
Pedal America
Out-Write Media, LLC
850 N. Dewitt
Suite 13-G
Chicago, IL 60611
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Guidelines For On-Air Sponsor Messages:
In keeping with the noncommercial nature of public broadcasting, credits on public television project a noncommercial image.

Most existing image or business brand spots are ideally suited for PBS's unique low-clutter, highly credible environment. Sponsor messages that do not meet FCC standards for public television may require minor changes.

Sponsor messages may:
  • Run up to 30 seconds in length, depending upon sponsorship level.
  • Identify and depict sponsor's products or services.
  • Show a logo.
  • Use a well-established slogan or corporate positioning statement.
  • Show a telephone number.
  • Show a website address.
  • Use music or sound effects identifying the company, people, and other voice-overs. (Rights to music must be cleared first by client or agency.)
  • Make an association between sponsor and program.

Sponsor messages may not:
  • Use comparative or superlative language.
  • Offer price, discount, or financing information (including "free").
  • Use "call to action" that directs the viewer to call, visit, try, or compare.
  • Use “inducement to buy” statements that direct the viewer to purchase the product (e.g. free trial period, buy-one-get-one-free, etc.).
  • Include endorsements.

Typical PBS Audience Demographics:
  • 63% of total adult viewers are between 18-54 years of age
  • 37% of total adult viewers are 55+
  • 58.1% of viewers are married
  • 51% of audience is male; 49% is female
  • 11% of viewers are of Spanish/Hispanic origin
  • 12% of viewers are African-American
  • 37% of total adult viewers have one or more college degrees
  • 15% of total viewers hold graduate degrees

Financial Characteristics:
  • 27% earn a household income of $45,000+
  • 36% earn a household income of $75,000+
  • 29% earn a household income of $125,000+
  • 8% earn a household income of $200,000+

A strong majority of PBS viewers
  • Trust PBS more than courts of law, commercial broadcast networks, and congress combined.
  • Feel that public television is more important than commercial television and cable.
  • Rank public television as “more satisfying” than cable or commercial broadcast television.
  • Are more likely to purchase products and services from companies associated with PBS and their affiliates.

(Sources: 2008 GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media survey comparing public service institutions; and Nielsen Media Research. Public television full day weekly cume, average from October 2007-May 2008)